One thing that I'd like to see at the next megameetup is a few informal focused discussions on various topics related to the community, like meditation or diet.

People should prepare for them, but I don't think that say, powerpoints would be necessary. Just trying to encourage knowledge transfer.

Anyone on the East Coast interested in giving one? Any things you'd like to see?

Schedule Update: The Megameetup will be held on on the weekend of January 27th or February 4th.

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So I hear the Megameetup is now February 4th/5th.

I would be happy to speak about a topic in Neuroscience if people are interested.

The Megameetup is Feb 4/5th


Has the final date of the Megameetup been decided yet?

I would love to attend and would be happy to speak on a topic in Neuroscience if people have any requests.

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Talks are a really good idea!

In vancouver, we have been explicitly doing math skillshares for a few meetups. I've also been planning math talks for the local hackerspace. People seem to like math once you get it out of a "this will be on the midterm" context. I'll go ahead and recommend math talks.

Where will the mega-meetup be?

New York, at the Leverage House.

How was this decided? Is there any chance of one being held further South in the future?

The last Megameetup was held when the DC and Cambridge groups both wanted to visit New York. It's a nice average between DC And Cambridge, and other groups didn't respond to the previous thread. On top of that, Geoff has a large venue that he's willing to let us use for free.

If more Southern groups bring it up, there's a chance of it being held in the South, but you guys might need to organize it in your own. I'm happy to help.

When will you know which weekend it is on? I can do on the 27th but not the 4th.

Oh and I'd be happy to give a talk, if you are interested in more technical topics like statistics, machine learning, etc. (it's fine if you're not).