Discussion article for the meetup : Israel LW meetup

WHEN: 04 July 2013 08:00:00PM (+0300)

WHERE: 7 Menachem Begin st., Ramat-Gan 52681, Israel

(Gibor Sport House, 15th floor.)

The Israel Less Wrong group is meeting again. We haven't chosen the subject of the meeting yet (I will update the post when we do). The discussion is ongoing in our Google Group.

I want to say thank you again to Cat from CFAR, and Gal Hochberg, for organizing the previous meetup six weeks ago and catalyzing the reboot of LW Israel!

The location is in the offices of a company called Visionmap.

The exact time given is provisional. Please follow the discussion in the group for updates.

Discussion article for the meetup : Israel LW meetup

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Everyone please note that after discussion on the mailing list, the time has been moved by an hour to 8 PM.

Is there any way to update the main post?

Yes, and I just did.

I assumed at first that there wasn't, because the submission process was different from ordinary posts. But I was just confused because I hadn't submitted a post in years and was unfamiliar with the new look and feel. I should have searched harder for the edit button.

ETA: but now as a result, the Google Map disappeared. If any moderator or other experienced person can fix this in the time left before the meetup, that would be great. Otherwise, just use the address given:

Gibor Sport House, 6th floor. 7 Menachem Begin st., Ramat-Gan 52681, Israel


I'll be there.

(By the way, this is a new account I made to maintain the anonymity of my main account here on Less Wrong. I intend to use only this one to interact in ways that can physically identify me.)

I'll be there. I can give anyone who needs a ride to and from Jerusalem.

Crap, I need to adjust the chances of me making it due to unforeseen stuff. I'd say about 50-50 right now.

I'll be there as a well.


I hope to see many Israeli LW'ers there.