NATO seems to have a project on cognitive warfare and a few public reports online:

Interim Report

Based on the Understanding Phase findings, NATO has identified the following priorities:
- Develop a Critical Thinking online course
- Develop improvements to the decision making processes

- Leverage technologies, including VR and AI to develop tools in support of better cognition and better decision making

1 Jun 21 Cognition Workshop Report

Cognition includes three interrelated aspects that are reflected in the structure of the workshop: information, decision-making and neuroscience.

Cognitive Warfare

As global conflicts take on increasingly asymmetric and "grey" forms, the ability to manipulate the human mind employing neurocognitive science techniques and tools is constantly and quickly increasing. This complements the more traditional techniques of manipulation through information technology and information warfare, making the human increasingly targeted in the cognitive warfare. 

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In some regards I see this as just more of the same. If we take the old saying about war just being politics on another field the CW seems like it's been around a long time. 

In that sense I wonder if advancements here are improvements to warfare -- a step away from the physical destruction -- or yet another example of why people are increasingly mistrusting in progress and technology/knowledge advancements ability to improve life and society.

Holy shit I have rarely seen anything this terrifying. Every country is already doing this

Man, I feel like everyone is eventually going to get got by things like this