Discussion article for the meetup : Christchurch, NZ Inaugural Meetup

WHEN: 27 April 2014 04:30:00PM (+1200)

WHERE: James Hight Library, University of Canterbury, Room 901

Join us for the first Christchurch meetup!

It will be held in room 901, James Hight Library at the University of Canterbury. Just head in the front (only) doors to James Hight, find an elevator (don't take the stairs, they only go up one floor), go up to floor 9 and you'll find room 901 along one of the walls. If you're unsure of how to get there feel free to comment below, PM me for directions or PM me for a cell number in case you get lost.

I'll be there from 4pm, so arrive anytime 4-4.30 to chat and meet people. We'll start the planned activities at 4.30 and go for as long as people would like.

As for what the planned activities are to be - I'm open to suggestions! As a default, we'll start with a few introduction games, move onto discussing an article or two, and finish up with some fun (quick to learn) card games like Story Wars.



Introductions: I'm going to take some advice from my positive psychology textbook, and suggest we introduce ourselves by telling everyone about a time we showed great character (whatever that means to you). I'll give a few examples at the time, and we may have to turn off our 'anti-bragging' instincts, but it should be a good way to get things started in the theme for the night.

Discussion article: [How to be Happy](http://lesswrong.com/lw/4su/how_to_be_happy/). Read if you have time, if not show up anyway! It should be easy to contribute to. There'll also be some unstructured discussion and probably loads of great tangents.

Games: As stated above, I'll bring along Story Wars, a game where you try and win by telling the most believable story about how your fantastical character would beat all the others. We can play or not depending on how time is going and what people want to do.

Discussion article for the meetup : Christchurch, NZ Inaugural Meetup

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Tell me how it goes! I'm up in Auckland, haven't had much success getting a meetup group started here yet but I'll be trying again soon.

Please do! I'd definitely go.

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Indeed, be good to have you there. I don't think many of us will have attended one before, but if this goes well it will hopefully become a regular thing


I know it's a long way, but if you're eager for LW company it'd be super great to have you guys at our LW Australia Mega-Meetup weekend retreat next month. We've already got one person from Auckland considering it. :)

Either way, best of luck growing your communities!

The guys in the Australian community are truly awesome! I'd definitely recommend it if it's a viable option for you (and I'm happy to talk about the people I met at the meetup next Sunday if anyone wants)

I'll head in soon; will have internet there so if you get lost, feel free to PM me. Anyone is welcome to come, see you all there :-)

Do you have planned articles for discussing? How late do you plan on going?

Hmm... perhaps How to be Happy - I can bring along my positive psyc textbook to supplement it and it's something everyone should be able to contribute to whether they've read the article or not. No need to stick too closely to it though, I think for the first meetup fairly free discussion could be more fun, to see what everyone's interests are.

I'd guess it will go about 3 hours, but we'll end when things naturally close, and if anyone needs to go earlier that's fine.