History of LessWrong: Some Data Graphics

by Said Achmiz1 min read16th Nov 201818 comments


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Some graphs showing posting activity on LessWrong through the years.

NOTE: If you’re reading this post on GreaterWrong, you can click on the images to enlarge, zoom in, and click through them all as a slideshow.

Comments per post:

The same thing, on a log scale:

Posts per month:

The 100 most prolific authors over LessWrong’s lifespan:

The same thing, on a log scale:

Whose posts have generated the most total discussion?

As above, but on a log scale:

Data available in a Google Docs spreadsheet. (Or download in CSV format.)

You can also download an Excel spreadsheet, which contains the above graphs and some intermediate processed data.

Edit 2018-11-16: Updated data; corrected some minor abnormalities caused by data retrieval issue. (If you’ve downloaded the data already, please re-download the corrected versions—the links are the same.)