(...and also permission from Eliezer, who has the right to veto this whole idea should he so desire.) 

In the hope of launching a collaborative project, I've set up Wordpress sites for translations of the Sequences into French, Italian, and Spanish; and to get things started, I've put up my own attempts at translating the first post, The Martial Art of Rationality

I'm looking for collaborators. At the very least, I'm hoping to find folks who would be willing to proofread my translations and help improve them -- in particular to help me purge them of the inevitable mistakes, non-native shibboleths, and typos with which they're bound to be infused. Beyond that, it would of course be nice to have people contribute translations of their own of entire posts. (I'll keep plugging away myself no doubt, but if I'm the only one, it will take a very long time to complete.)  

If you'd like to translate articles yourself into one of these languages, send me a PM so I can add you as an author on the appropriate blog(s). Proofreading my work can be done either privately or in comments here on LW; I'd probably prefer to reserve the comments sections of the actual sites for discussion of the posts' content (in the target languages), although this isn't an inflexible demand. 

Also, one would like to add more languages, of course... 


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What about The Simple Truth or Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality ? I thought about translating some stuff into German. But, which documents are the most popular, and which should be first translated? I would like to hear what Eliezer thinks about that...

I attempted a quick translation of the first paragraph of Twelve Virtues of Rationality into German. Here is a shared Google docs document that anyone who knows the link can edit.

I don't have the time to continue the translation on my own but am willing to help out when possible.

I tried the second virtue. I'm wondering what good translation for "belief" and "the Way" are.

Methods of Rationality is already being translated into a number of languages.

I could help with translation into Polish - if you agree of course.

Small group of people, including me, translates sequences to Russian. We already have our own site, http://lesswrong.ru/ , so if anyone wants to help us, you are welcome!

If you are looking for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality in Russian, another group translates it also: http://hpmor.ru/

I know someone who might be interested in doing some translations into Japanese. If you add that language we might have a go.

I am also interested in doing Japanese translations.

I am interested in the rationale of Eliezer, and I can help you with translation into Chinese.

Are you still interested? I might help with the Italian translation.