I'm contemplating  I've decided to make a trip from Ottawa, Canada to New York City on the weekend of April 2-3 specifically in the hopes of meeting some members of the LW NYC Chapter (and EY as well, if I can manage it). Since I don't know anyone in the city, I'm hoping this discussion post will generate interest in having some kind of get-together on that weekend.

Anyone in the national capital region is welcome to contact me in comments or by PM to get in on the action. (I've already canvassed XFrequentist and received a positive reply.) Cosmos has offered to let me crash at his place, but I haven't asked him about extra space for other folk.

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I think there's a regular meeting at Columbia on Saturday evenings, but I could make a Saturday lunch. Will check.

XFrequentist suggested putting this on the main page, but I feel a bit reluctant to do so on my own initiative. I know you have the power to promote it, so I leave it to your judgment.

Cosmos tells me the Columbia group meets on Sunday afternoons.

You'll get more response from the NY group (we don't all check LW and discussion board regularly) by making a post to the google group/listserve:


As mentioned, I'm in if this happens.

I have two couches, so you can crash at my place that weekend as well.

If anyone else is interested, I am sure other members of the community will step up to host. :)

Awesome, thanks!