New GreaterWrong feature: image zoom + image slideshows

by Said Achmiz 1 min read4th Nov 2018No comments


GreaterWrong now has a new feature: image zoom / slideshows.

Whenever a post contains images (such as this recent post about embedded world-models), you can click on any image…

Clicking an image to enlarge

… to show an enlarged, “lightbox” style view of it:

Enlarged image in “lightbox”

You can then page through all the images in the post with the arrow keys, or by clicking the next/previous image buttons at the left/right edges of the screen:

Going to the next image

Use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out:

Zoomed in on an image

When zoomed in, you can drag around the screen to pan (just like Google Maps, etc.).

Hit the space bar to reset size/position.

Hit Escape to close the slideshow/lightbox.

Edited to add: You can also hit accesskey-L to start or resume the slideshow. (On Mac Chrome, for example, that’s Control-Option-L.)