[Recruiting for a Discord Server] AI Forecasting & Threat Modeling Workshop

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Hi! We're interested in beefing up our forecasting and threat modeling skills so that we understand the problems of TAI and AI existential safety better.

We're pretty much of a technical background, but occasionally discuss governance and policy matters.

We are committed 1-2 hours per week, 1 hour on a call and occasionally prepping with a short reading.

Exercises we've done

Post we've produced

Directions we're thinking of taking the group in:

  • formal prediction tracking, like on elicit but more about your personal journey rethinking and updating on an individual question
  • concrete goals like production of high quality posts

We are on a discord server, and we're looking to grow to around 20 people.

We think that having a space where no ideas are stupid is critical for self-development, and we see this group as a bridge between casual conversation and larger communities like lesswrong and the alignment forum.

Please reach out if you'd like to join!

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