Fighting Akrasia: Survey Design Help Request


Follow-up to:  Fighting Akrasia:  Finding the Source

In the last post in this series I posted a link to a Google Docs survey to try to gather some data on what techniques, if any, work for people in conquering akrasia, but we haven't gotten very much information so far:  the response pool is fairly homogeneous in terms of age, sex, and personality type.  In part this is because we need to get more responses outside of the LW readership, but probably also because I'm not asking the right questions.  So, my challenge this weekend is to come up with some good revisions for the survey.

In order to maximize comment usefulness, please suggest one revision per top level comment and then any discussion of that revision can take place in the replies.

In the interest of keeping the comments on topic, I request a moratorium on discussions of whether or not akrasia exists and whether or not we can or should do something about it in the comments on this article.  It's not that I want to exclude or silence opinions contrary to what I'm trying to accomplish:  it's just that I would like to keep this article on the topic of revising the akrasia fighting survey.  By all means, if my posting about akrasia really bothers you, write up an article explaining why I'm wrong and we'll discuss the issue more there.