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by Raemon1 min read2nd Aug 20197 comments


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Last week, our friends over at the EA Forum coded a new feature for the /allPosts page – in addition to the daily view, you can now view posts by weekly, monthly and yearly. (Thanks JP!)

This is most exciting when you also set the sorting to "top karma", making it an easy way to catch up on the most important posts you missed.

For convenience, sorted by top-karma, here are links to:

Have fun perusing posts you haven't read yet, or may have forgotten about, and perhaps catching up on newer comments on some of the top discussions. :)

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Hello there, does anyone know a way to get access to lesswrong non-russian slack server? I've already tried messaging Elo, but from his activity log, it seems that he is rather inactive recently.

I prefer using a chat community before actively participating in the main one to soak in the culture of the given community.


This post has a list of all the chat servers: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/mQDoZ2yCX2ujLxJDk/what-lesswrong-rationality-ea-chat-servers-exist-that

I will ping Elo about accepting your invitation.

Good feature!

But, it seems odd that it’s “this calendar month”, “this calendar year”, etc., rather than “the month-long period ending today”, etc. The latter is certainly what I was expecting when I clicked.

I think for yearly and monthly I prefer having the calendar dates. It feels like the more natural category to look for "the best post in 2016" instead of "the best post in the year that starts 4 years ago".

If more people feel differently though, seems reasonable to maybe change it.

Yes, but “the best post of 2016” and “the best post of the last year-long period” are two different things I might want to see. “The best post in the year that starts 4 years ago” is, indeed, unlikely to be useful.

These are not mutually exclusive, so why not make both calendar and duration options available.

Mostly UI complexity. I’ve already heard some users report that the current set of sorting options is quite overwhelming, so I am hesitant to add a closely overlapping set of additional options.

Also just code complexity. Any additional sort option is a cause for bugs and keeping things simple is necessary with our relatively small team.