Sometimes I want people to get $$$ for their contributions.

When someone posts a long, exceptional sequence? I don't get that feeling.

When folks working on the site itself roll out a sweet new feature? I don't get that feeling.

But when creates a fun and relevant competition requiring them to code up quite a bit of framework/bots and coordinate people? ( I wonder if there's a pool to reward over-and-beyond contributors, and if there is, how much I'd be willing to contribute to it.

Does something analogous exist? "Should" it? If so, what should be "eligible"?

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When it comes to rewarding long and expectional sequences, a good way would be to make it easy to convert a sequence with one click into a book that the person can sell on Amazon. 

Both being seen as having written a book is a reward and royalities for the book on Amazon provides further royalities. In addition to providing value to the author it would also help spreading the expectional sequence to more people.

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Thank you for the kind offer. In my head, the 2021 Darwin Game (in particular) was a gift to the community. If I do something in the future which requires even more work I'll set up a Venmo link or something.

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