Hey, everyone! I want to share with you a project I've been working on for a while - http://rationalfiction.io.

I want it to become the perfect place to publish, discover, and discuss rational fiction.

We already have a lot of awesome stories, and I invite you to join and post more! =)

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The first story I saw on the main page was "The Metropolitan Man".

I thought "OK, I'll give it 10 minutes, see how far it can get".

After 1,5 minute the story displayed a total lack of understanding of middle-school level physics.

Superman prevented an accident by flying into the space between two cars and stopping them with his hands. However, a deceleration on the distance equal to the length of one human arm, is no less lethal than over the (approximately equal) length of the average crumple zone.

I mean, I don't want to poop on the party, but seriously?

sure, and the traditional plot line where superman grabs a plumeting jet would actually lead to the jet tearing like tissue paper around wherever he grabbed it.

A certain level of "ok superman has a small physics-free bubble around him" needs to be granted if you want to do anything with superman.

A lot of ink has been spilled by geeks trying to come up with self-consistent systems under which superman could do what he regularly does in the stories.

Cars in the 1930's didn't have such crumple zones as modern cars do. Also, in the city they don't move as fast as on the freeway. Even a small difference might decide between life and death.

I would suggest giving the story the benefit of the doubt. It must stay at least somewhat true to the style of the comics, but at the same time explore the world in a more serious and realistic tone. And it manages that quite well, it's worth reading.

This is for SquirrelInHell. rot13 to avoid spoilers.

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Superman does that kind of nonsense in the comic books all the time...

Hmmm... Easier to find stories than on r/rational, I'll give it that...

What counts as rational fiction? Should the characters be rational, or should they just face rational consequences? ETA: found the description of the purpose, at http://rationalfiction.io/story/rational-fiction

Friendship is Optimal doesn't quiite seem to fit. The consequences are rational, but the other characteristics don't apply. Some of the followup fics might fit.

ETA: NOW I get it - you mention a bunch of things but haven't created writeups for them (yet).

Not going to use it but:

  1. Good job on not having a javascript hell

  2. Some people might like a mobile view (if there isn't one already)

  3. No RSS feeds?

  1. Thanks!

  2. It works well on my iPad, haven't tested it on the phones yet. I will.

  3. There are links to author's RSS feed in the post footer and on the profile pages.

Is there a reason you don't want to use the site? I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas on how I can make it better.

Mainly because I don't read rational fictions. I can't call myself even sufficiently rational so the whole point of a rationalfic would be lost on me. I've read HPMOR. It was nice. I just felt that I've missed something on a different level because it seems (to me) to have a large amount of praise.


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