Dates: 7pm Wednesday June 8, 15, 22 and 29

Venue: The Bean Cycle, upstairs at the back if it's open. Look for the Less Wrong sign.

As these are the first few sessions of the meetup, there will be no formal agenda. I'll bring a few games to give us something to do while we get acquainted.

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Dates: 7pm Wednesday June 8, 15, 22 and 29

I won't be able to make the meetups this month. But July should be freer for me.

Who is going to this one?

I am, and I have invited two other people.

I'm the only confirmed attendee.

Only two attended, but a complete success, ending with:

Thus let thy power, which like the truth
Of nature on my passive youth
Descended, to my ownward life supply
Its calm - to one who worships thee,
And every form containing thee,
Whom, Spirit fair, thy spells did bind
To fear himself, and love all human kind. 

Shelley, Hymn to Intellectual Beauty

What does "June 8, 25, 22 and 29" mean?

"25" is probably a typo for "15", in which case the dates would be in order and each would be separated from the previous one by a week.

Thanks. Corrected.