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StrongerByScience is a website I have been using to inform my recently-renewed weightlifting habit. I think it will be of interest here because the writers are experts in a practice (strength training, particularly powerlifting), and their modus operandi is to do careful literature reviews of the latest strength research and use that to inform their practice.

I recommend all of the Guides on the Big Three page (now technically four), which cover the big three lifts from the biomechanics on up, as well as one on strength training. They have monthly reviews of the latest papers in the field. They occasionally do deep reviews of particular subjects (I am reading the metabolism article on and off now). They're a good source of references for other literature in the field.

Stuff you would normally expect to be unpleasant, but isn't: the mailing list is just the articles, not spam; the articles are written in a way similar to how posts are often written here, and are not particularly marketing-y; the articles and guides can mostly be downloaded as PDFs in addition to being read on the website.

The specific benefits I got came from the Strength Training Guide and from the article on high-volume training, which defined my current set structure. I have a new lifetime personal best in dumbbell press, and I am close to recovering my previous deadlift. I have not purchased any of the books or trainings, however.

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I like the site, but I read the title differently and thought it was a rational-strength training website, i.e. a site to train the strength of your rationality. With increasingly difficult questions perhaps, interpretations of statistics and charts, having to make snap decisions on complex data, etc. That would be cool too!

(Removed the duplicate [Link] from the title)

Har! I thought that was just a titling convention we'd adopted. Oops!