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Discussion article for the meetup : Berlin Social Meetup

WHEN: 15 June 2013 05:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Wuhletal, 12621 Berlin

This is a long-term announcement, we are actually meeting biweekly! The intervening meetups aren't planned as far in advance, please use the mailing list!

Our next regular social meetup will be held on Saturday 15th June. It will likely take place at my house, check our mailing list for details.

The social meetup is intended as an informal and relaxed event for chats and games. Everyone is welcome!

Discussion article for the meetup : Berlin Social Meetup

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I am in Berlin today and would like to attend the meetup. In case you see my application to the group or this comment just before the meetup, I would appreciate a private message to learn about the location.

Sorry for my late registration attempt to the mailing list, but it just came to my mind a few minutes ago that there might be meetups in Berlin these days. Usually I attend the meetups in Bielefeld/Paderborn. I also speak German, by the way :-) Hope I will still be able to attend today.