The Third London Rationalist Meeting will take place on Sunday, 2009-06-07, 14:00, at the usual location - cafe on top of Waterstones bookstore near Piccadilly Circus Tube Station.

Here's map how to get to the venue.

There were some suggestions of trying alternative venue, but as nobody took the time to scout for alternative locations, I'd like to take the safe way and go for the usual one, even if it's less than optimal (by the way they have evaluation forms there, you might want to give them your feedback).

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I will be visiting UK in the second half of August. It would be most awesome if there was a meetup then.

Can you give us exact dates now? Seems like a good time for a meetup - and we can plan this one IN ADVANCE!

I'm still planning. How about the evening of Wed Aug 19, Thu Aug 20, Tue Aug 25, or Wed Aug 26? Or are weekdays out of the question?

About the venue: how about a pub or some other more relaxed place that serves alcohol? On the other hand...