What is the best way to read the sequences?

by AspiringRationalist 1 min read17th Jun 201225 comments


I am a relative new-comer to LW, and I have read ~half the articles in the core sequences, but I think I have not been optimizing for comprehension/retention while reading them.  Could some more experienced members of the community give some recommendations on how best to read them \(both in terms of in which posts in which order and in terms of the actual reading process\)?

I will periodically edit this post to include some of the suggestions in order to provide the most benefit to future newcomers.

EDIT: Here are the most popular suggestions:


  • Chronological order (5 or 6 comments)
  • Whatever method you will actually do or already doing (1.5 comments)

How to read them:

  • e-reader or smartphone (3 comments)
  • Text-to-speech (1 comment)
  • Read How to Read a Book and implement its suggestions (1 comment) (note: the link is a 9-page PDF, so it shouldn't be too hard to read and see what's useful)
  • Mind-mapping (1 comment)
  • Try to guess what the links go to (1 comment)