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What are examples of 'scientific' studies that contradict what you believe about yourself?

by Mati_Roy1 min read3rd Aug 20209 comments


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It can also be old studies that have since been refuted.

I'm actually especially interested in 'scientific' studies that wrongly contradicted what our intuitions would tell us.

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4 Answers

The science about how commuting long distances makes us unhappy and less healthy made me change my beliefs and also take action. I used to downplay the amount of suffering and health issues that accompany regular commuting, plus the risks of e.g. driving a car on a daily basis, especially very early when I was still incompletely awaken.

Reading about this and all the invaluable articles by lukeprog on lesswrong ("How to be happy" and others) made me form a more accurate belief of what really brings about happiness and satisfaction to our lives.

I looked for the flat I currently live in a walkable distance (c. 15 minutes) from my office, and my life has been vastly improved: better sleep, more exercise, more free time, and a better mood overall.

Some studies saying that spoilers don't reduce my enjoyment of a story

Studies that seem to show that the brain cannot estimate the loss of his abilities when it's missing sleep. Which has great implications to night driving for example and is definitely not intuitive.

Specific areas of the tongue act as sensors for specific tastes.