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Reviews of TV show NeXt (about AI safety)

by Mati_Roy11th Oct 20204 comments


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I really liked the first episode! Great show, and a lot of content seemed directly inspired from the AI safety community! I'm impressed!

  • mentions the risk that a nuclear bomb would have ignited the atmosphere
  • mentions the unilateralist curse (but not by name)
  • references to Musk, Hawking, and Gates concerned with AI safety
  • explanation and illustration of an intelligence explosion
  • explanation and (surprisingly realistic) illustration of escaping the box
  • explain how the AI isn't malicious, we're just in the way (just like ants are to us)
  • talks about how most people say that AI concerns "is just sci-fi" instead of engaging from first principles
  • illustration of misalignment of a company's goals with human goals

"Hello, I'm NeXt". NeXt is not just zir name, ze's also the next entity, which will replace humanity.

a lot of content seemed directly inspired from the AI safety community

From an interview (https://www.cbr.com/foxs-next-creator-introduces-his-demonic-ai-with-deadly-methods/) with the show's creator:

"Now, I've seen AI movies and robot revolution movies, but what was interesting about what Musk was saying was that he was saying this is a really very real possibility, and it led me to look into it.

There was a couple of books that had come out on the subject. One is Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom, and the other one is Our Final Invention by James Barratt, which was another terrific book. There was another individual, Eliezer Yudkowsky, who is leading a whole seminar on the on the internet about this subject."

4Mati_Roy1yoh wow, nice!
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In case other folks would be interested, here is the trailer on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=micrLvzThs8&feature=emb_title

Not obvious from the review (to me): it's a fictional drama about a conflict between humans and a rogue AI.