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Reviews of TV show NeXt (about AI safety)

by Mati_Roy11th Oct 20204 comments


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I really liked the first episode! Great show, and a lot of content seemed directly inspired from the AI safety community! I'm impressed!

  • mentions the risk that a nuclear bomb would have ignited the atmosphere
  • mentions the unilateralist curse (but not by name)
  • references to Musk, Hawking, and Gates concerned with AI safety
  • explanation and illustration of an intelligence explosion
  • explanation and (surprisingly realistic) illustration of escaping the box
  • explain how the AI isn't malicious, we're just in the way (just like ants are to us)
  • talks about how most people say that AI concerns "is just sci-fi" instead of engaging from first principles
  • illustration of misalignment of a company's goals with human goals

"Hello, I'm NeXt". NeXt is not just zir name, ze's also the next entity, which will replacement humanity.