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Is there any reason to think that this is actually a coherent family of algorithms and not just DeepMind's label for things they think are really cool?

I don't think it is: AlphaGo/Master/Zero hardly overlap with AlphaStar's architecture, training, or category of RL algorithms, and AlphaFold 1 used a modest sprinkling of RL - but none of its RL techniques were used in either AlphaGo or AlphaStar!

It's branding. Or to be more specific, it's DM's label not for 'cool things' but for "things we think will set world-records in their field and which will change them forever".

In which case, I'm kind of against the existence of this tag. Maybe it could instead be a 'DeepMind' tag.

Seconded, DeepMind seems like a natural tag to have given that we have tags for OpenAI, Ought, MIRI, etc.

I have renamed and quickly rewritten the tag. Good work, people.

Given that this is now an organization, it should probably be under the Organizations heading rather than Other.

Good call! I'll fix that in sec.

Reminder to do this, since it seems to have slipped through the cracks.

Actually done for real this time. Thanks for the reminder.