Rationality Verification

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I suggest converting this to a tag, and perhaps shortening the name to "Rationality Verification".

(For some reason using the UI to convert this to a tag candidate didn't work for me)

Huh, I was able to apply the tag flag. Let's see if this shows up in recent discussion.

I'm unable to apply this tag to posts (this tag doesn't show up when I search to add a tag).

I have now converted this page to be also tag, and not just a wiki. It should work now.

Note that I think this tag:


Was originally called rationality verification, and then felt too narrow and I changed it something broader, and maybe we should have an explicit rationality-verification tag but I expect at least the current version to be a bit redundant.

I think there's place for both of them. Someone can be rational and not have expertise in field X, and someone can have expertise in field X without having general rationality.

Also skill/expertise assessment feels more other-focused, while rationality verification is in large part about self assessment.

btw, i don't see any revision history on that tag. maybe it was changed before the history feature was implemented? (Was there a time without the history feature?)

I think revision history probably doesn't capture name changes. (But I also might be misremembering the history)

Nope, didn't show up in Recent Discussion.