Squiggle is a special-purpose programming language for probabilistic estimation. Think: "Guesstimate as a programming language." Squiggle is free and open-source.

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Overarching goals

  • Allow non-experts to see the "sum" of views on a question
    • Allow non-experts
  • Allow expression of estimated distributions and functions easily [1]

Squiggle is not

  • For intensive calcution

Models vs estimation functions

  • A key notion is the difference between models and estimation functions
  • Models are high detail and expensive to run. They make implications about causality
  • Explanation functions used cached date and are cheap to run
  • The world is a model, a photograph or video game simulator is an estimation function

The world is made of complex models, but we want answers to simpler questions - what is the most pressing thing to work on? How do we reduce risk? What am I going to have for lunch?

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