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This is a great collection of tips! I think it's also worth explicitly noting that most of these strategies involve slowing down other people's orders, and many involve more inconvenience/stress for the sellers, so it's important to weigh this tradeoff.

If you're right, you will all be dead, so it won't matter

Posting a concrete forecast might motivate some people to switch into working on the problem, work harder on it, or reduce work that increases risk (e.g. capabilities work). This might then make the forecast less accurate, but that seems like a small price to pay vs everyone being dead. (And you could always update in response to people's response).

There are also Twitter Communities, which are relatively new. For example, there's an effective altruism one and a (less active) forecasting one 

Hits-based befriending and recursive curiosity both sound great!

I really enjoyed this post, it made me excited to try these techniques - which reminded me of my experience listening to a recent Clearer Thinking podcast episode with Steve Dean about developing lots of relationships.