In the first weekend of this year, the Future of Life institute hosted a landmark conference in Puerto Rico: "The Future of AI: Opportunities and Challenges". The conference was unusual in that it was not made public until it was over, and the discussions were under Chatham House rules. The slides from the conference are now available. The list of attenders includes a great many famous names as well as lots of names familiar to those of us on Less Wrong: Elon Musk, Sam Harris, Margaret Boden, Thomas Dietterich, all three DeepMind founders, and many more.

This is shaping up to be another extraordinary year for AI risk concerns going mainstream!

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Damn this looks AWESOME! Go everyone who worked to make this happen! Can't wait to hear about what came of this.

I noticed I was confused when Sam Harris' name was mentioned. Then I looked on the linked page of names and he... wasn't there. Which is... less confusing, overall. But still slightly confusing.

Search for "Sam Harris" on the linked page—he's in the group photo at the front.

Huh. Do we know why is not in the list of attendees?

He attended as a guest, so he is not on the official list.


Thanks for posting - looks like it was an impressive turnout. I would love to see some comments on any highlights / thoughts / conclusions that came about from that.

Yes, I hope that some of the participants blog about this workshop, while of course respecting the privacy rules about it.

What I'd like to see are videos. Does anyone know if the presentations were recorded?

The presentations were not recorded, due to the Chatham House rules.