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We are inviting people who could foreseeably take a day trip to Philadelphia to an unconference on February 11th. Travel support is not in the budget this time around, but fill out the form anyway if that's a dealbreaker for you and we'll see what we can do.

By unconference, we mean there will be around four separate areas with whiteboards, a blank grid at the beginning of the day where the rows are timeslots and the columns are the whiteboard areas, and people fill in the schedule on the fly with their sessions.

By AI alignment, we roughly mean threatmodel-driven research agendas, people trying to prevent software from doing really bad things. We're expecting mostly CS and math people, but welcome more governancey people as well.

Food is funded by the recent microgrant round.

We are mildly gatekeeping this, and RSVPs are critical due to keycard access to venue. Please fill out this form if you'd like to attend or are considering it. Please fill out the form by January 25th we still have slots, so are accepting late submissions.

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Message me to be added to the MA4 discord if you're not yet.

Thanks to everyone came to unconf1!