TAISU - Technical AI Safety Unconference


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Start: Thursday, August 22, 10am
End: Sunday, August 25, 7pm
Location: EA Hotel, 36 York Street, Blackpool

It is an unconference, which means that it will be what we make of it. There will be an empty schedule wich you, the participants, will fill up with talks, discussions and more.

To be able to have high level discussion during the unconference, we require that all participants have some prior involvement with AI Safety. Here is a non complete list of things that are sufficient:

You can participate in the unconference as may or as few days as you want to. You are also welcome to stay longer at at EA Hotel before or after the unconference. However, be aware that there is another event, Learning-by-doing AI Safety workshop, the weekend before. If you want to join this workshop, you should apply for this separately.

If you are staying more than a few days extra, we ask you to book your stay though the EA Hotel booking system.

Price: Pay what you want (cost price is £10/person/day).
Food: All meals will be provided by EA Hotel. All food will be vegan.
Lodging: The EA Hotel has two dorm rooms that have been reserved for TAISU participants, and more rooms will be booked at nearby hotels if necessary. However, if you want a private room you might be asked to pay for it yourself.

If you want to join: Sign up here