No invitations to Benton House have been forthcoming for the last couple months, so I thought we might do one located in a restaurant somewhere.  I would suggest Holder's Country Inn, but if anyone else has any suggestions, I'm more than willing to change venue.  I would suggest a meeting time of 7, but that is also amenable to change.

Edit:  We're meeting at the Inn.  I'll be out front at 7 with a sign saying Less Wrong.

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A summary of the event:

Three people including myself showed up. We had a decent discussion of the meaning of subjective probability under various conditions, as well as many digressions, into fields such a deconversion and the meaning of worthiness as it applies to fiction. We left the restaurant and went to Benton House where we chatted for about an hour before I left.

Hey, sorry I missed it; out of the country right now. I'll be up for more meetups in the fall though!

If anyone wants a ride from the East Bay, send me a message.

You should talk to the Benton people to see if they're interested in hosting another. The Benton place is really nice for them because they don't have to travel anywhere--they are a fairly large group that's short on cars.

We could have one here at Benton this Sunday, or we could go for June 5 so that folks have warning and can plan. My feeling is that the latter would be better. What do you think?

ARGH— how do you always know which weekends I'll be out of town? It's been uncanny so far, and if you add June 5th, I'll have missed the last 3 LW meetups before moving away from California.

Is there a reason why that weekend would be preferable to the week before or the week after?

I'll be out of town the weekend before. The week after would work for me; it's just farther away.

Given the fact that those two dates are 3 weeks apart, I don't see any reason why there couldn't be meet-ups on both dates.

Having meet-ups here diverts a lot of time from all 12 or so Benton-ites, Eliezer if he comes, and Michael Vassar if he comes.

Perhaps a net cost of $2k or so in diverted time.

Which isn't to say we shouldn't maybe have more meet-ups; many have suggested we should.

Justin Shovelain says everyone takes Saturday off anyway, right? It seems likely that Michael Vassar and Eliezer also benefit from occasional breaks.

Maybe you can have a meetup on the 16th at Holder's Country Inn and whoever wants to from Benton can go, and then there can still be a June 5th meetup at Benton? Though if it's more than 8 people it stops working as well at a restaurant.

Lucas Sloan, I, and one other person will be at the Holder's Country Inn for sure. Anyone else who wants to come can.

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I'll be there if this is actually happening. Is it?

I'm definitely up for it if there's a reasonable quorum.

I and 2 other people will be there.