The Journal of (Failed) Replication Studies


One of Seed Magazine's "Revolutionary Minds" is Moshe Pritsker, who created the Journal of Visualized Experiments, which to me looks like a very cool idea. I imagine that early on it may have looked somewhat silly ("he can't implant engineered tissue in a rat heart and he calls himself a scientist?!"), so it's nice to know JoVE is picking up pace.

Many folks keep pointing out how published research is itself biased towards positive results, and how replication (and failed replication!) trumps mere "first!!!11" publication. If regular journals don't have good incentives to publish "mere" (failed) replication studies, why not create a journal that would be dedicated entirely to them? I can't speak about the logistics, but I imagine it can be anything from a start-up (a la JoVE) to an open depository (a la

I am not part of academia, but I understand that there are a few folks here who are. What do you say?

[EDIT: Andrew Kemendo notes two such journals in the comments: and]