Personal Notes On Productivity (A categorization of various resources)

by CurtisSerVaas 5y25th Mar 20151 min read15 comments


For each topic, I’ve curated a few links that I’ve found to be pretty high quality. 

  • Meta:(Epiphany Addiction, Reversing Advice, Excellence Porn)
  • @Learning: 
  • Success People: (Mastery),(ChoosingTopics: Osci,PG)
  • Thinking: (Ikigai, Stoicism, Rationality)
  • HabitChange: (!ShootDog)
  • Productivity.Principles/Energy/Relaxation:(FullEngagement, ArtOfLearning)
  • Productivity.Systems/Hacks: (Autofocus, GTD/ZTD, EatFrog),(Scott Young)
  • Depression/Anxiety: 
  • Social: 
  • Meditation 


Full List:


I'd like feedback on: 


  • What other categories/links would you include (I'm sure there's lots of interesting stuff I'm missing.)? What do you think of the categorization ("Thinking" is a pretty large category.)? 
  • Whether you think I should make cross-posts about sub-topics here. The main benefit of making more cross posts is that the discussion/comments would be more focused on those topics. In particular, I think that looking at SuccessfulPeople.Startups, SuccessfulPeople.Science, and the Meditation document are the most original parts of this post. 
    • SuccessfulPeople.Startups contains a categorization of some of Paul Graham's essays (e.g. Having ideas, fund-raising, executing, etc). 
    • The SuccessfulPeople.Science link contains a separate categorization of advice specifically for scientists (e.g. Picking ideas, the importance of being persistent, the importance of reading widely, etc). 
    • The meditation document lists a few high quality meditation resources that I've found (and I've read ~10 books on meditation. Most of it is crap. Some of the stuff I list is orders of magnitude better than the median meditation book I've read.). 
  • Whatever seems salient to you.