Logical fallacies poster, a LessWrong adaptation.

by Utopiah1 min read8th May 201213 comments


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Following http://lesswrong.com/lw/bwo/logical_fallacy_poster/ some people complained about

  • the sarcastic illustration
  • the lack of references
  • the weird categorization that should rather fit a Bayesian framework
  • the simplistic or even wrong definitions
  • and more

Yet this poster has ONE key difference with the ideal poster, it exists.

If it sparks criticisms that lead to a new, LessWrong compatible poster, then it is well worth the critics.

The obvious next step then is to make a poster that would allow to take into account such well founded suggestion and synthesize the LessWrong lessons visually.

In your opinion then what would be a good structure, e.g. a hierarchy of fallacies, and a design theme?