Is there a practitioner's guide for rationality?

by cedric 1 min read13th Aug 20189 comments


Hi everyone, I'm new to the community, and am currently working my way through the sequences — yes, all of them.

In the introduction to the first book of Rationality A-Z, Eliezer says:

I didn’t realize that the big problem in learning this valuable way of thinking was figuring out how to practice it, not knowing the theory. I didn’t realize that part was the priority; and regarding this I can only say “Oops” and “Duh.” Yes, sometimes those big issues really are big and really are important; but that doesn’t change the basic truth that to master skills you need to practice them and it’s harder to practice on things that are further away. (Today the Center for Applied Rationality is working on repairing this huge mistake of mine in a more systematic fashion.)

Just wanted to ask if CFAR has got any of those reorganised materials up, and if they're linked to from anywhere on this site? Any links to other rationality-as-practice blog posts or books or sequences would also be incredibly appreciated!