After considering how many of us have arrived here within recent memory, the London Less Wrong community is explicitly offering itself as a resource for those moving to the city. We all know how awkward and daunting it can be to get settled somewhere new, and we'd like to help newcomers hit the ground running. It seems that our most effective recruitment strategy at the moment is "wait for existing Less Wrong readers to move here", so it's a worthwhile offer to make.

If any LessWrongers are moving to the Greater London area, let us know. Either message me via the site or join our Google Group. Tell us where/when you're moving, what your circumstances are, and what sort of things you like to do. We will try to proactively invite you to events and activities we think you'll enjoy, as well as providing you with useful local knowledge if you want it.

We will also try and make some time available for you if there's anything you need another person's help with. If assembling your Ikea bookshelf is a two-person job, we'll see if we can scrape together a couple of people for a couple of hours to help you put it together.  If you need help setting up your wireless router, we'll see if someone with the relevant skills is available to give you a hand.  We can't promise any specific type of help, but we're always happy to be asked.

Big cities can often feel quite impersonal, so if you're planning on moving here, or even just thinking about it, let us know, and we'll see what we can do to make it a little more welcoming.

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Although I do not expect wanting to leave Helsinki in the foreseeable future, seeing this post just made London feel like a much more attractive place to move to than it had felt like before.

Thanks, I'm moving soon and one of my explicit plans for meeting new people in London was to visit the local LW group.

Join the group and say hello. We've already had a couple of people pop up to say they're moving here soon.

This is a great idea and I will probably steal it.

You can't steal ideas, silly!

I thank you for your right action, though it is unlikely that I will personally benefit from it as I don't anticipate moving to or being in London anytime soon.