SL4 META: list closure 2 month followup

by gwern 8y10th May 201125 comments


This is probably of interest only to the old-timers here. (Ironically, as a cross-post, this is almost by definition spam for LW, since anyone really interested in the topic would already be subscribed to SL4 and would have seen the emails.)

In 13 March, I finally got around to a long outstanding bit of cleanup: suggesting that the equally long defunct SL4 list be formally closed, things tidied up, and the lights turned out. The suggestion met with a mixed (and muted) reception.

Last night I followed up with a second email comparing SL4 activity to activity on Extropy-chat, LW, OB, and MoR; it won't surprise anyone trying to drink from the firehose here that LW is approximately 3 orders of magnitude more active than SL4 is.