The last East Coast Megameetup was awesome, and people wanted to do another one.

So let's do another one?


  • Primarily a social event, with some skill transfer
  • Meet people within the LW community, make friends, get contacts
  • Get people together for our mutual benefit
  • Informal focused discussion/teaching, people in the community know a lot about stuff that's useful to know
  • Help lone rationalists be part of the community
Geoff Anders has kindly agreed to host at the Leverage House.

What I want from you, East Coaster:

  • Bring this up at your meetup or mailing list
  • Select someone in your meetup group as a point of contact for the group. They should be able to represent and effectively communicate with the rest of the meetup group.
  • Have them email me at aarondtucker <at>
  • You can always arbitrarily designate yourself to be that point of contact to keep things moving, and then figure out with the group who it should actually be.
  • Try to figure out if you want to attend.
I want this to happen around the end of January.
If you don't have a meetup group, you are still very much invited

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Awesome, I'll email you shortly. Thanks for taking the initiative!




Where is Leverage House?

I'm in the Cambridge area, and haven't been attending meetups, but this seems like the most awesome possible way to start. What is the mailing list/point of contact to work things out with Cambridge meet-up guys?

Hi there! There's been discussion of the trip on the Cambridge email list, which you can see on the meetup email archive.