Inviting Curated Authors to Give 5-Min Online Talks

by Ben Pace1 min read1st Jul 20206 comments


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If you've written a post that's been curated by the LessWrong team, then you're eligible to give a talk at one of our upcoming weekend events. If you'd like to give one, here's the form to fill out your availability.

The events looks something like this:

  • 20-40 LessWrong users show up.
  • 3-5 curated authors give 5 minute talks over zoom
  • After each talk, we have 5-10 mins of Q&A from the attendees.
  • After the talks (which last ~1 hour), we split into breakout rooms for a 30-60 min hangout and discuss the ideas.
  • After the event, Ben and Jacob make transcripts of the talks and publish them.

Speakers so far have been Vaniver, TurnTrout, Abram Demski, John Wentworth, Eukaryote, Othonormal, Charlie Steiner, Alkjash, Daniel Kokotajlo. 

Examples of transcripts: Alkjash, Abram.

Your talk can discuss a post, a comment, or a new idea you've not been able to write down yet.

Here's the form.