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Want more? Brainstorm more spells in the comments and I'll (likely) do more of these!

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I love this. FYI the minimal change that makes the image of the Empirio spell valid is to write P(B) = P(B|A) x P(A).

I realize I'm a couple weeks behind and nobody might read this, but this is false (e.g., if I flip two fair + independent coins and A = "first coin is heads" and B = "second coin is heads", P(B) = 1/2, but P(B|A) x P(A) = (1/2)x(1/2) = 1/4). I think what you mean is P(A and B) = P(B|A) x P(A).

(unless I'm missing some context and we are assuming B is a subset of A, but if so I'm not sure why we are assuming that)


nobody might read this Don't worry. People read comments.

Any chance you'd like to do some cover/chapter art for Murphy's Quest?


Sure! I just read it today, and I quite liked it! I'm a little unsure about timelines, but PM on Messenger and we can figure something out?

These are great and I like the naming.

Genre savviness.

Deliberate practice.

Scope sensitivity/napkinmath/shut up and multiply.


Something around an argument that proves too much, but this could be massaged into a more atomic concept maybe. (falsifiability? rent collection?)

A dispell for isolated demands for rigor.

and of course: Summon Sapience!

A spell for changing your own mind to reflect the world. Maybe "locus alba" or "ire foras"?

Now I'm curious about Dark Side Epistemology spells...

Movus Goalpostia!