What can we learn from freemasonry?

byGunnar_Zarncke5y24th Nov 201334 comments


I recently stumbled over the relationship between freemasons and networks of social and economic influence (e.g. nobility).

I wondered what could be learned from a society which exists so long and has ideals that are not that far away from the LW goal of refining human rationality.  

It is interesting to note that the freemasons seem to have highly tolerant and rational values. The freemasons orginated from independent craft guilds but became 'speculative freemasons' during the enlightenment and this is reflected in their commitment to tolerance and reason which builds on crafts traditions of teaching, truth, reliability and craft perfection. Somewhat problematic may be their unusual customs and the prejudice they face. Nonetheless they obviously can cooperate which our kind can't

Note: I didn't attend any freemason meetings and don't know any details. What I read on Wikipedia was mostly asbtract. I might attend a meeting but unsure about it's value of information.

What do you think: What can we learn from freemasonry? What should be avoided? Is there any freemason here who might provide insights?

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