The 2019 Effective Altruism Survey is now live at the following link:

The average completion time for this year’s survey is 20 minutes.

The survey will close on the 15th of October at midnight BST.

The EA Survey provides valuable information about the demographics of the EA community, how people get involved, how they donate, what causes they prioritize, their experiences of EA, and more.

This year, we worked more closely than ever with the Centre for Effective Altruism, 80,000 Hours, and other EA organizations to identify questions that would be as valuable as possible to their work. Overall, we received more than 100 requests for questions to be included from various members of the EA community, which meant making many tough decisions about what questions we could include, while keeping the survey to an appropriate length.

This year, the Centre for Effective Altruism has generously donated a prize of $1000 USD that will be awarded to a randomly selected respondent to the EA Survey, for them to donate to any of the organizations listed on EA Funds. Please note that to be eligible, you need to provide a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you.

We would like to express our gratitude to the EA Meta Fund for supporting our work.

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Done, thanks!

Added: I’ve made an exception and put this post on frontpage, I think it's worthwhile for a few big data-gathering effort like the SSC and EA surveys to reach all those who would want to take them.

The EA Survey is closing today! Please take!

The average completion time for this year’s survey is 20 minutes.

how was this measured?