Epistemic Status: Good news, everyone!

On October 5, 2017, my second son was born. Everyone say hello to the wonderful Gideon Mowshowitz:

As you can imagine, it’s been quite a week. We are all doing well, and slowly recovering aside from lack of sleep.

I encourage you to send your congratulations, but as an experiment I’m adding a twist: You need to say congratulations differently than all previous congratulations. No duplicates!

As you can also imagine, my available time will be limited in the coming weeks and months, so posting likely will be lighter. This is also a natural stopping point. I’ve said the community-related things I most needed to say. I have more thoughts, and will doubtless share some, but they seem less pressing. Sequence complete.

If you wish to join us for Friday night Sabbath dinner, please email me to let us know so we can prepare. If you can found this and can figure out my email, you’re probably invited. We’d love to meet some new people, and to see some old friends. We start at 6:30. Also let me know if you’d like to swing by on a Saturday to chat or watch some football.

My offer of strategic consultation for all causes I don’t actively oppose remains open. Only two people have taken me up on it, so I am reminding everyone that it exists. Response times might be not so fast right about now, and if I get too many requests I’ll have to limit this, but for now the line is open.

In conclusion, celebrate. Good times. Everyone around the world, come on!



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Congratulations! ^-^ (As the first congratulations comment on LW I get an easy pass :P)

We rejoice at the increase of the share of matter being used in human minds.

What a nice baby! I hope his future contains only good things!