[Crowdfunding] LessWrong podcast

by Mati_Roy1 min read3rd Jul 20206 comments


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There was 6 posts with >100 karma in the last 30 days on LessWrong. I think we could get someone to audiorecord an article for ~25 USD. We would need ~150 USD / month to sustain that.

How much would you pay per month to have LessWrong posts with >100 karma available in audio format? How many episodes would you be ready to record per month? (on a volunteer basis or not?)

If it adds up to more than 6 episode-equivalent (in time or money) per month, I'll go ahead with the project.

We have a professional mic and good readers at the Macroscope, but if someone else would be interested in doing the reading (for money or as a volunteer), let me know (EtA: on this thread)

Total so far: ~1 episode-equivalent