12 Virtues of Rationality posters/icons

by habryka1 min read22nd Jul 20186 comments


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I was trying to take a break today, and ended up redesigning the staircase at our group house (Event Horizon), which is the first thing you see when you enter the house. One thing me and Claire (mingyuan) came up with, was to design small posters for each of the twelve virtues of rationality and line them up on the walls. And I figured I would also let other people have access to the posters, in case you want to do something similar. Here are all the 12 icons/posters. The general idea was inspired by these awesome minimalist philosophy posters.

And I've uploaded the illustrator file I've used here.

The twelfth virtue doesn't have an icon, we chose to represent it with an empty frame.

Here is the staircase after we finished putting everything up (sorry, lighting isn't perfect):