Virtues are traits that one ought to possess, for the benefit of the world or one's own. On LessWrong, the term is often a shorthand for the Twelve Virtues of Rationality, after Eliezer Yudowsky's essay of the same name.

They are (roughly summarized):

  • Curiosity - the burning desire to pursue truth;
  • Relinquishment - not being attached to mistaken beliefs;
  • Lightness - updating your beliefs with ease;
  • Evenness - not privileging particular hypotheses in the pursuit of truth;
  • Argument - the will to let one's beliefs be challenged;
  • Empiricism - grounding oneself in observation and prediction;
  • Simplicity - elimination of unnecessary detail in modeling the world;
  • Humility - recognition of one's fallibility;
  • Perfectionism - seeking perfection even if it's not attainable;
  • Precision - seeking narrower statements and not overcorrect;
  • Scholarship - the study of multiple domains and perspectives;
  • The nameless virtue - seeking truth and not the virtues for themselves.
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