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Site Meta

These tags are filtered for quality. See the "All Tags" page for the unfiltered list.

Tagging is new and many key tags that should exist do not yet exist. If you think we have a clear omission, please contact us.

To assist with the new tagging system, see the Quick Guide to Tagging.


Everything to do with the effects of advanced artificial intelligence on the world, especially ensuring the outcomes are good.


See also Forecasting & Predictions which contains AI-related forecasts.


Thinking in ways that lead to true beliefs and optimal decisions. “Rationality” is used here specifically for content that relates to cognitive algorithms. 

Object-level stuff not directly about minds, e.g. practical advice, is clustered under World Modeling and Practical.

Formal / Theoretical

Models of the Mind / Agents

Techniques & Skills

Failure Modes

Communication / Argument


World Modeling

How the world is. Science. Math. Statistics. History. Biology. Sociology. Engineering. That kind of stuff.

Models that pertains to minds/thinking, how to improve the world or oneself, and AI are mostly excluded from this cluster. They can be found under the Rationality, World Optimization, and AI Alignment tags.

Meta (see also #Rationality)

See #Rationality and #World-Optimization for content on scholarship, learning, and research.

World Optimization

Changing the world so that it’s better. Figuring what “better” is.

Since these models pertain directly to questions how to optimize the world, they are grouped primarily under World Optimization rather than World Modeling. Some posts will be dual-tagged.

Causes / Interventions / Domains


All content which offers practical, actionable advice on how to achieve goals and generally succeed.

See Rationality for content on memory and learning (pertains to cognitive algorithms).

Optimizing with Others


For posts that are about individuals and groups who participate on LessWrong or are part of our broader community. This includes projects and practices.


Good tags that don’t fit under the core tags.

Content Type

Site Meta

All content that concerns the LessWrong website or online community.

More subtags for Site-Meta coming soon.


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