I'm considering starting a Christchurch LessWrong Meetup and would like to get a measure of interest in the area. Including me, there are already three people interested, so you're sure to meet someone new! Please comment if you'd be at all interested.


I'd also like to find out if Sunday afternoon/evening is a good time for you. Considering Chch is pretty small, I'd like to find a time everyone can make it.


Location would likely be James Hight Library at Canterbury University (there are bookable private discussion rooms, nearby food places, and anyone can access it).


Topics up for grabs too, leave a suggestion if you'd like.

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I will be there! (but sunday is probably better for me than saturday)

Traveller from europe would be interested but I am currently residing at the westcoast, which would make saturday a lot more comfortable.

Alright, I'll see what people think of Saturday. I suggested Sunday because the library is open to 9pm on Sunday and only 5pm on Saturday, but if we did early afternoon and everyone could make it there's no reason Saturday couldn't work

Ah well, do not stress yourself too much, if sunday is the optimal solution, I will just drop by at a later meetup (being optimistic that there will be more).

I probably can't make Saturday FYI

It is indeed. I'll give an exact room, directions, and contact cell number for if anyone gets lost when I put up the actual meetup

Which Christchurch? In which country?

Oh, good catch, forgot there are probably several. In New Zealand

I am interested, James height is a nice location. I think Sunday afternoon is fine.

Great, thanks for commenting and I'll be sure to keep you informed

For everyone who's interested, check out the details of the first meetup here: http://lesswrong.com/meetups/z6

cough cough

Reminded by this post, and the tempting nature of organizing things for something called Schelling Day, might I revive this suggestion?

The meetup is launched! A little late for schelling day, but we can call it that in spirit. http://lesswrong.com/meetups/z6

I gather that this isn't going to happen today (March 2)...

Nope. Probably Sunday 16th or 23rd