Plans are in the works for a LW/Singularity themed Burning Man camp. Last year was a tremendous success, with only one casualty. This year we will have an actual theme camp on the map.

We are at the point in the planning where we need an approximate estimate of number of people. If you want to camp with us or might want to camp with us, let us know.  All are welcomed.

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Me + 1 coming in from NYC! :)

I'll be there.

The one casualty?

Busted tooth that they couldn't fix in Reno.

I'd like to come - do you have a contact email for me to use?

Casual observation indicates that Burning Man has a high concentration of interesting people.

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Yes, yes.

Held annually in the Black Rock Wasteland in northern Nevada, Burning Man is “an experiment in community, self-express and self-reliance,” where attendees supply or construct their own refuge and convey their inner fire. Burning Man 2011 is filled up, but the curious can follow the live internet feed to get a taste of the weird. Here are several tips to prepare for next year's Burning Man. Source for this article: Burning Man 2011 lights up Black Rock Desert

Already replied on the e-mail thread, but yes, I'll be there =)

I wanna go!

I'm interested.

I've already got tentative camp plans with a bunch of friends, but we can try to arrange to be nearby. That'd be awesome.

I might be there.

I should clarify: I'd give 1:1 odds that I'll make it, and if I do I'd definitely like to join the LW camp.

I'm interested!

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Have you already filled out the Placement Questionnaire? It would be awesome if you were our neighbors (we being The Time Colony). We're either going to be in or near Playagon Village.

We're officially across the Playagon from you.

We're talking with Nectar Village about being an official part of their village this year. I'd just throw down with Playagon, but it's already getting to be a bit late to be planning a new camp in their village and our relationship is pretty good with Nectar Village at this point such that they're going to put us on the map once we know how much space to reserve.

Also, I think Nectar Village has a fair amount of playa location magic as well as a spa + solar power, and their location last year was decidedly better than Playagon last year which was uncomfortably close to Nexus.

The best scenario is if we can figure out how to get Playagon and Nectar Village to be located adjacently. Maybe the power of intention, that's supposed to work well at Burning Man.

Would be awesome if you can be in Playagon - or near us!