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This is the monthly thread for posting media of various types that you've found that you enjoy. Post what you're reading, listening to, watching, and your opinion of it. Post recommendations to blogs. Post whatever media you feel like discussing! To see previous recommendations, check out the older threads.


  • Please avoid downvoting recommendations just because you don't personally like the recommended material; remember that liking is a two-place word. If you can point out a specific flaw in a person's recommendation, consider posting a comment to that effect.
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Prepping for the end of Moores Law, freeing the CPU for actual computation

Shedding Light on Dark Bandwidth

"Reducing overall system data movement will likely net system designers far more over the next decade than any revolutionary technology changes,” Beard explains. “Enabling small amounts of computation in- or near-memory along with fixing the virtual memory system could enable future systems to recapture dark bandwidth. Doing all of this, while not breaking all extant software is a huge, but not insurmountable, challenge. It’s not just the memory technology or compute alone that should be the focus, it’s how the compute system as a whole uses it.”

Short Online Texts Thread

Autonomous Robots Plant, Tend, and Harvest Entire Crop of Barley

During the Hands Free Hectare project, no human set foot on the field between planting and harvest—everything was done by robots. This includes:

Drilling channels in the dirt for barley seeds to be planted at specific depths and intervals with an autonomous    tractor;
Spraying a series of fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers when and where necessary;
Harvesting the barley with an autonomous combine.

Machs Effect interstellar propellentless propulsion mission proposal at NASA NIAC

Next Steps • Publish – – One or more papers on results of our current laboratory scale test program – Additional peer-reviewed papers on theory are in preparation – Paper on IMES-1 design and Concept of Operations (CONOPS) • Upgrade test facilities and increase thrust – –Increase data rate and number of channels –Improve torsion balance – Increase thrust ~10x • Design an on-orbit test of the MEGA drive – – Our planned on-orbit test using a microsatellite (or CubeSat) is presently at TRL ~ 2 – We favor a rotational test, spinning a microsatellite up (and down) by opposing drives. This removes atmospheric drag as a major error source.

What I Hate About Dating Women vs What I Hate About Dating Men

"There is also something a little bit socially darwinian about the whole thing. The overriding assumption with guys I date seems to be that the most valuable thing I have to contribute to my children is my DNA. My life experience and wisdom? Worthless. I mean, maybe that’s too harsh — many men do care about personality — but only after I’ve made the DNA cut. And, it’s worth mentioning, I think many men care about intelligence more than looks, so they’re not “superficial” exactly, but they view intelligence as an inheritable trait and they like me because they think my kids will get that trait from me. My primary bartering chip with men is what I was born with."

Read it. Interesting.

Humans no longer have ancient defence mechanism against viruses

The AGO2 family takes care of the defence against viruses. However, we didn't find these AGO2 proteins in vertebrates."

Uranus moons on collision courses. Found the paths while studying the rings.

some implications on disc accretion, rings, and planetary capture mechanics

Application of Systematic Review Methods in an Overall Strategy for Evaluating Low-Dose Toxicity from Endocrine Active Chemicals

Meta study that tries to deal with cross-study imbalances, and animal dose vs. internal take up. Seems balanced. Phatalates and flame proofing are models studied.

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