I've set up a calendar on Google to track future Less Wrong meetups. I've included links to view the calendar in a couple time zones, but note that if you add the calendar to your own google account, events should be shown in your usual time zone (if someone can confirm this for me, I'd appreciate it). I'll do my best to add any meetups posted to LW, but feel free to e-mail me if you don't see them.

Less Wrong Meetups: Pacific View
Less Wrong Meetups: Eastern View

Link for use in iCal or anything else supporting the ics format

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So I guess this is as good as any place to ask: Are there enough DC Metro area readers for a meet-up? I'll help organize if there is an interest.

Hi, You can add my party to your calendar- Saturday Nov. 21st, 6:30pm at my place in NYC. Message me for more info if you're interested in coming. I promise the gender ratio will be more promising- though most of my friends are civilians.

Mind posting your address so folks can show up, or would you rather give it out in PMs when folks contact you?

I'd rather give it out in personal messages. Not that I want to exclude people, but since it is my residence, and since things posted here remain indefinitely, I'd rather know who was going to show up.

A smart move, and completely understandable.

Is there a thread where people list where they are?

Curious to know if there are other LWers in Ottawa.

Any interest among the Ottawa people for a meeting at some point in the future?

Hmm... I added the New Haven meetup from "Eastern View" and it showed up as 11pm on my calendar, which is in Eastern time.

Life would be so much simpler if the flat-earthers had it right...

I'll try to see what's going on, thanks.

if it helps, looking at the "Eastern View" calendar also shows it at 11pm, with the note at the bottom "Events shown in time zone: Eastern Time"

That helps tremendously, thanks =) -- I just created the events at the wrong times. Should be right now.

Yep, fine now.

Who would show up to a LW meetup in Philadelphia?