This is just a reminder that the deadline for $250 prize for the best introduction to the LessWrong source is (Edit: not Nov. 23rd!) next Tuesday Oct. 25th. Good luck to all contestants!

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this Sunday Nov. 23rd

This Sunday is October 23, not November 23. Which is it?

The original article says October 25.

That's not a Sunday, or a 23rd, or in November!

Well... Not in this Everett branch.

October the 25th is not the 23rd or in November in any Everett branch. The day of the week doesn't change either given how the calendar is defined. Definitions of words we use here in our Everett branch do not change just because other people may use them completely differently in other Everett branches.

Oh dear, I was looking at the wrong thing and also confused about months. Embarrassing. It is October 25th. Thank you for catching that.