[Link] Anti-Groupism

by [anonymous] 7y21st Oct 201211 comments


A short argument from an interesting blog.


Basic Aretaevian talking points:

  1. Human brains are effectively populated by rabbits.  Your conscious mind is like a very small person attempting to ride a large herd of rabbits, which aren't all going the same direction.  Your job is to pretend to be in control, and make shit up to explain where the rabbits went, and what you did.
  2. Humans bunny brains are optimized for social activity, not intellectual activity.  If your brain thinks principles first, instead of groups first, it's broken, and not just a little bit.
  3. Of course, this means that anyone thinking group first is almost completely full of crap regarding their reasoning process.  They're (99.86% certainty) making shit up that makes the group look good, and the actual rational value of the statement is near zero.  The nominal process "A->B->C" is actually C, now let's backfill with B and A.  
  4. Therefore I'm almost only interested in listening to folks who are group-free.  If your brain is broken in the kind of way that prohibits group-attachment...then you're far far more likely to be thinking independently, and shifting perspectives.
  5. Aside:  FWIW, this is the core (unsolvable?) problem that inhabits rationalist groups.  There is a deep and abiding conflict between groupism and thinking.  The Randians have encountered this most loudly, but it's also there in the libertarians, the extropians, the David Deutch-led popperian rationalists, and the LessWrongers.
New discovery, shouldn't have been as surprising as it was.   When looking for folks who are group-avoidant, I seem to have phenomenally good luck finding great people when talking with Gays from non-leftist areas (rural Texas, Tennessee, downstate Illinois).  Because they don't/can't fit in with their local culture, and often can't conveniently exit, they become interesting people.   It's a surprisingly good metric.